Monday, January 27, 2014


I went to add pictures to a post and I chose to add photos from my phone and there was this... How did this happen? Ha! I don't know what it is, but I kind of like it. :)

A Rude Christmas

Highlights of this year's Christmas included it being Gwenyth's first, celebrating with all of the Rudes, continuing the Christmas Eve tradition with the Stopek's, and a relaxing Christmas morning at home, just our family of four.

I wish I would have taken some more pictures, but here are a few!

Gwenyth in her new hat from her daddy!

Cousins at the table in the Christmas jammies!

Our relaxing Christmas morning!

Another one.  She is too cute!
We started a family tradition last year that on Christmas morning I cook some type of breakfast casserole. Last year, I did a sausage and egg bake. This year I made a French toast casserole. It was delicious! You can find the recipe here: