Tuesday, June 12, 2012

7 Months!

Max turned 7 months yesterday!

Thanks, Rachael for this picture!!!

1. Wrestling with Dad.  When wrestling (and even sometimes when he is not) he likes to give sloppy kisses!
2. Sitting on the floor and playing with his toys like a big kid!
3. Eating.  Basically anything.
4. Social gatherings.  He loves watching people, especially other babies!
5. Hugs.  We have a cuddler on our hands!!! :)

1. Being alone.  He instantly knows when I have left the room and he is all by himself.
2. Shoes.  We really don't have any shoes that fit him and when we tried some on at the store, he cried.
3. When the remote or Daddy's cell phone gets taken away.
4. Getting boogers wiped from his nose.
5. Painfully waiting for those teeth to finally pop through!

Highlights from the last month:

My cousin Hannah, Max and I on a camel!

Maddie and Max

He is standing up like a big kid!!!

This little guy has captured my heart!