Saturday, July 14, 2012

8 Months!

Max turned 8 months this week! I know I say this all the time, but he is such a great kid! Jason and I love him so much!

Food- really! Any food! He hasn't turned down anything regardless of the fact that he has no teeth!

Bouncing on his bottom when music comes on! He has some rhythm! We went to lapsit time at the West Des Moines Library, and Max LOVED it! He was totally in his element with all the other babies there to look at and all the singing and bouncing!

Social gatherings! He really likes to watch people and doesn't mind being passed around.

The pool! I am so glad that he likes the water. He will just sit and splash and watch the other kids play or float in his floatie and relax! What a funny kid!

His cousins! He likes all 15 of them (and even the 16th on the way)!!! We have had the pleasure of seeing Max's cousins quite frequently over the past few months and Max is entertained by them and loves laughing with them!

Remote controls! If one is in his sight, he will dive for it! It has caught Jason and I off guard many times!!!

Vacuums. Especially when Daddy isn't there to rescue him and save him!

Clipping his nails. Okay, maybe it is just me that dislikes clipping his nails! I am always scared I am going to cut his little fingers by mistake.

When things go out of his reach. He doesn't crawl yet, so when things are too far for him to reach, he gets very sad.

He says both dada and mama, but I don't think he associates the words with Jason or I.

He sits so well on his own! He will occasionally go from sitting to laying on his tummy and then rolling over, no signs of crawling yet though!

Thankfully, he has started sleeping really well. He will sleep through the night and take naps in his crib!

Jason often says that Max has the sweetest faces. He really looks like he is empathizing with you some times and his smiles light up the room (and my heart!)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Three Rudes on the 4th!

As you may know already, the 4th of July is my absolute favorite holiday!  It is such a great day to spend with family, you can be outside, and there is no pressure for gifts!  It is a win, win, win!  This 4th was extra special because it was Max's first!!!  It was so exciting to share this great holiday with him and Jason!

We started off the day by going to the Urbandale parade.  It was super hot so we stood back from the street in the shade, but next year, I expect Max will want to be all up in the parade business!

Daddy got a flag for Max!

Proud to be an American.
My best friend!

After the parade, we went home.  Our little guy was worn out from the morning's festivities, so he took a nap!

When Max woke up from his nap, we went to pick Jason up after he walked in the Windsor Heights parade and went to the church camp for food, friends and the talent show!

Connor was so nice to take a break from playing with his friends to take a picture with Max.  He did inform me, though, that I should be quick so he could get back to playing!

After the talent show, Jason, Max, and I watched the West Des Moines fireworks!  I think Max liked them almost as much as I did!!!

What a great family to spend a great holiday with!

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