Monday, January 30, 2012


It is the last day of January and Max and I just got back from a walk... OUTSIDE!  We walked to MaryBeth and Addison's house, which we were so pleased to find out takes only 10 minutes, were treated to lunch there, went to the park, and walked back home.

Rumor has it, it is 64 degrees outside!  I believe it.  It was so nice to get some fresh air.  This was our second walk of the winter; our first was with Aunt Julia a couple of weeks ago.  How spoiled are we???

Max enjoyed being outside and seeing his friend Addison.  We even got to see cousins Eden and Brielle on the way back from the park.  The girls were outside playing and were excited to tell Max all about their new bunk beds!

"Mom, I am having such a great time." 

"This seriously could not be more fun."

So sleepy after his busy afternoon!

How cute is this little guy?

Peanut hasn't made an appearance on the blog for awhile. 

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Max has been sleeping pretty consistent hours through the night.  He usually goes down around 10, wakes up at 3, again at 6 and then wants to play at 7.  When I take him to the changing table at 7, there is one thing on his mind... stretching.  This guy loves to stretch!  I tell him he is really good at it and he will smile and stretch some more.  I also tell him he is the best stretcher that I know; I think he really likes it when he knows he is impressing me!

Here are some photos to document his love for stretching:

Moved out to the living room after his good stretch session.  I think he is trying to tell me he is not only done stretching, but also done with pictures.

Olive Oil

Max and I did some experimenting the other day...  I read that olive oil could help get rid of cradle cap.  Max doesn't have it too bad, but every now and then it gets bad enough that it bothers me.  I figured that olive oil couldn't hurt my little man, so I got a bath all ready, undressed him, and set him up on his changing table (his favorite place.)  I poured some oil on to a wash cloth and began rubbing it on his head.  He LOVED it!  It was like a little massage for him.  I should have turned on some calming music and lit candles... 

Max with the oil on his head.  Sorry for the cloudy photo, I think I may have gotten some oil on the camera as well.  Oops!

After the oil got a chance to soak in , we moved to the prepared tub.  Because Max smelled like an italian eatery, we shampooed twice!
My big guy in the tub.  I think he was checking out the new tile that Daddy installed in the shower!

The end result was amazing!  After we brushed his head with a soft bristled brush, there was no sign of cradle cap!
He loves being naked!

Monday, January 16, 2012

My Big Boy!

Max had his 2 month checkup today!  Everything looks great!

Max's 2 Month Stats:

Height: 24.3in/ 87%
Weight: 13lb 15oz/ 90%
Head Circumference: 41.8cm/ 86%

Here is a photo of Max and some of his closest friends taken this past weekend!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

2011 Top Ten

2011 was such a great year!  I might just go ahead and say it was my best year yet!  Here are a list of the top ten moments and events I am most thankful for: (Warning- There are an overabundance of exclamation marks!)

10. Traveling to Faithwalkers and rooming with Jason and Max!  It was a different experience to have Max with us.  He did get kicked out of a couple of sessions... but I am truly thankful that Jason and I are committed to learning more about the Lord and how to be better spouses and parents!
9. Road tripping to Branson with Jason and my sister-in-law Julia for a week of Rude Family Vacation!  So fun to officially be a Rude this year!
8. Spending my favorite holiday (4th of July) with my husband!  He made it so special!  We weren't even dating yet at that time in 2010!  So much can happen in a year!
7. Having so many friends who love the Lord and encourage me to do so.  Jason and I are so blessed to be a part of such an amazing church family!
6. Moving into our new house!  It is so wonderful to not have to sign yet another lease and think about moving in a year.  Also... I got to pick out paint colors!
5. Celebrating my niece Hailee's 4th birthday and my nephew Brody's 1st birthday!  It is such a blessing to live so close to them and to get to see them grow up!
4. Going on my honeymoon with my honey.  We had a great time and I finally got to go to Disney World!
3. Celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas with both the Rudes and the Stopeks as a new family of three!
2. Meeting the greatest little blessing, Max Rude!  What a cutie he is! Oh, and not being pregnant anymore!
1. Getting married to my very best friend, Jason Rude! (He is a cutie too!)

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