Monday, December 17, 2012

12 Months = 1 Year! (Very, Very, Belated...)

Those who know me, know I dislike math to a very high degree.  These are some numbers, however, that bring me joy!

12 Months in Numbers

2,065 Bottles or Nursing Sessions (Rough Count ;)
912 Wardrobe changes (Counting jammies!)
4 Teeth
1 Thanksgiving
1 Christmas
3 States (Max has traveled to Nebraska, Missouri, and well, he lives in Iowa)
100 Food Pouches (Very happily eaten!)
1,825 Diaper Changes (not exact, but probably pretty close!)
15 Super fun cousins!
9 Cool uncles!
7 Loving aunts!
4 Wonderful great-grandmas!
2 Fabulous grandmas!
2 Awesome grandpas!
2 Very Proud Parents
1 Super Great 1-Year-Old

Max at 1 year!

Max at 9 months!

Max at 6 months!

Max at 1 week!
Happy Birthday, Max! 

(also thank you to for all the photos!!!)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A day shy of 11 Months!

One month away from being one year old!  Where has the time gone???  As I sit down to think of the highlights and milestones over the past month, I realize that Max is a totally different kid than he was a month ago.  He has accomplished so many new things; it is so amazing to see!

Where to begin?  Max is crawling around like a mad man.  He is so fast!  Sometimes when I leave the room, he follows me laughing and crawling as fast as he can to see what I am up to.  Other times, he follows me a little more slowly, with his head down, crying.  This is usually when he is tired and it breaks my heart the way he wants to be with me, but is also kind of funny. ;)

He is also pulling himself up on everything; the couch, tables, beds, cupboards, toys, even mom and dad!  At first, he didn’t quite know how to get down, but now he has mastered that as well!

The tub has been one of Max’s favorite places to hang out.  He thinks it is so cool to be in the big tub with all his toys.  Max isn’t crazy about the bubbles, especially when I try giving him a bubble beard, but I think he will grow to like them.

Max still has just the two teeth.  We are taking good care of them and brushing them, which Max loves!  He wants to hold the toothbrush on his own, but that could get a little crazy, so I tell him that mommy is going to do it for now. 

Food, food, food.  Max still loves to eat.  His Grandma Kay spoils him with Gerber meals when he is at her house and on those days I think he eats better than me!  He has tried a couple kids’ meals at restaurants as well.  We discovered that there are a couple things he doesn’t really like and on the top of that list is broccoli. 

Max is really excited about his new friend that is going to arrive in early February.  Our good friends John Michael and Rachael found out their little one is a girl!  Max is going to show her the ropes on how to be awesome and introduce her to all of his other friends!  ;)  I am so thankful for friends with babies or that are getting ready to have babies; it makes this whole mom thing just that much better!

Here are some photos from this past month!

Max, Jason, and Jackson at a Rude family get together!

Max sleeping in my arms.  He couldn't sleep that night because of his double ear infection.  :(

Helping get his bath ready.
What a great helper he is!
Tub time!

More tub!

Playing on a Saturday morning!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Apple Orchard!

Tuesday Max and I joined some lovely ladies for a trip to the Center Grove Apple Orchard.  We had never been to the orchard before and were so impressed with all of the things to do and see!  Here are some photos of our trip!

Max in the corn pit!  That is his friend Madilynn in the background!
Max had so much to look at!
We were trying to get the goat to kiss our fingers.  Max thought it was so funny!
Max in the corn pit again, Nicole had buried his legs!
More of the goats.
We nicknamed this the goat suicide bridge.
This goat reminded me of my pet goat, Clyde, that I had growing up.
Nicole and Clyde.  (And Ashley and Sadie in the corner!)
These baby pigs were my favorite!!!  Max liked them too, he looked at them forever!
Max was a little impatient when we stopped at the "potty barn."
I love this little man!
There were some crazy chickens there!
Max is wondering what he is doing in a pool of corn.
Liz and Madilynn feeding the goats!

Monday, September 17, 2012

10 Months (and a week!)

Max continues to grow and change every day!  He is so big and currently wears 18 month clothes quite comfortably.  I am really excited about the cold weather because all of Max's summer clothes are getting to small and I don't want to buy any more knowing that I have fall clothes in his drawers that fit him!  It is crazy the amount of clothes this boy has gone through.  We now have 4 large plastic totes full of clothes that are too small.

Max is now crawling everywhere.  He started his crawling by getting up on all fours, flattening out on his tummy, and army crawling.  Just this past week, Max has been crawling on all fours as his preferred method.

This kid eats everything!  He loves trying new foods and experimenting with his two teeth that have come in over the past month!

Jason and I are hoping that Max gets back in the habit of sleeping through the night.  Teething and a little cold have meant that Max wants to join us in bed at 4am.

Here are some photos from the past month!

This day, I forgot to put diapers in the diaper bag when I left Max with my grandma!  Poor Grandma Kay had to put him in a towel and then as a last resort, but him in the tub (aka kitchen sink.)  Max loved it and thought it was quite the deal!

Max having his first Panda Express.

Loving every bite!

First time with Spaghetti!

In the big boy cart at the grocery store!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Max Rude, One of a Kind!

As promised, here are the stats from Max's 9 month checkup:

At 9mo 9days, Max weighed in at 22lb 11oz (78%), he was 30.5in (96%), and had a head circumfrance of 46.5cm (79%).

We love him and are so excited in all the ways he has been growing and learning!  He has his first tooth trying to make its way in and he has also began crawling... kind of!  :)  Max will get on all fours and then flatten out on his tummy and army crawl to wherever he would like to go, and I mean WHEREVER he would like to go! ;)

Last weekend, our great friend Rachael Hall, took pictures of Max and our family.  Rachael is so talented and we are ecstatic at how she was able to capture Max's personality in these photos!  Her website is  For your enjoyment, here are a few of my favorites (I have so many favorites!!!)

Those chunky legs are my favorite!!!

Some really handsome guys!

Those legs!!!

This is a classic Max look!  Such a good guy!

This one made Jason and I laugh out loud!!!  What is he doing?

Such a nice wave!

Is he in 2nd grade or something?

I think he loves me?


I love him!

Our little family!